Monday, November 15, 2010

Farewell, my dearest Sulaiman

Today's the last day at school, practically, mainly because I don't think anyone would be going to school tomorrow, which is the OFFICIAL last school day for 2010.
I've actually struggled, whether to go or not.
I'd think of taking a stroll 'round the school, well for one last time ya?
I get to have a few hours walking 'round the school without interference, and recall my memories by looking back at the footsteps which I've left together with my friends.

S.M.K. Sulaiman... A school that I've been in, for 7 years.
Come to think of it, if it weren't for Xuan's father's help, I wouldn't be able to study in this school either, because I was originally dispatched to Ketari.
Well I guess I really owe him a proper thanks, for what he had helped me ain't solely a transfer, but a chance for me to have AWESOME people like you all as my friends!
So...thanks 表姨丈~

First day to school... I was still that boy with over-sized head and 'pet头'... Exactly the way I was in primary school, 'cept for the uniform.
We, the 1st formers, were made to spend a few days in Dewan Makan.
I couldn't really recall whom I've noticed in there, only lotsa different faces whom I don't know. Well, bet they didn't know who was I back then either. =P
There, I could only recall befriending Gao (I choose to call you this, 'cause it makes me feel our relationship is better this way, but sorry if it upsets you), where we played with each other. How? By pinching each other.

Then I was in 1 Dedikasi. There were Jie Hui, Woon and Sam. Did I miss out anyone? Sorry but these were all that I could recall. (My memory's been failing me lately)
I remembered back then, Woon and Sam used to always pick on me. But I couldn't really remember how, and unbelievably I had no hard feelings on them.
I sat with Jie Hui, we were kinda close back then.
We talked about everything... I think there were people addressed like ah-Sa and ah-Sh... Stuffs like that~ Can you recall? LOL!

When it reached mid-year, some of us from Dedikasi got 'promoted' to 1 Cekal.
There I met and made friends with more Chinese. (sorry if I sounded racist but I don't recall having any friends of the other races back then... Awww!)
There you all are, all of you 'cept for a few who moved in later.
I think I've already been sitting with Sam since form 1, if I've not mistaken.
And we've made a bottle of...well, mixtures of whatever-you-can-think-of. I can still recall the bottle is a green 7-up bottle. LOL!

Then, I also get to know some people from among the 4th and 5th formers.
I idolised one of them...(well maybe there's more there is to that, but who cares? XD) and made pretty good friends (I guess?) with the others, like Fei Mao, Chun Choy, Ken and etc~
These people are the so-called gangsters in the school, and there was even once when Puan Chan found out I was walking with one of them and asked me if they were bullying me. It's hilarious, but I really appreciate teachers like her who cares so much 'bout their students.
Well...dreams don't last. End of da story!

I also recalled making fun of Hui Yee and Lien Chen. Always saying that they were a couple and stuff, and da 'frog' nickname had already been with Lien Chen since then. @@"
Back then I was only close with some of you. Ho Dan and Sheep back then were still complete strangers to me, who are always not around during Chinese class.
Speaking of Chinese class, 黄义(sorry I don't know how to write)... 螳螂拳!And...ponteng!

In form 2, I sat with Sam throughout the year I think, in the seats up front on the left.
Jie Hui was behind us...and who sat beside her? OMG I forgot! =.=" well sorry to whoever you are? mind reminding me? LOL!
I made friends with more of the people in the class.
I remember I used to be one of the crew members of the girls' gang. There were Jie Hui, Siu Shan, Hui Yee, Foong and me, if I'm not wrong.
We used to make all the noise while tuition'ing at Puan Wong's place, remember? XD

Wei moved to Sulaiman from Ketari, but didn't make it into Cekal.
Leong went to Dedikasi due to his car accident.
Pretty much like that.
Nothing BIG happened, 'cept that Jian cheated off me and made me jump off Block J from the 2nd floor. I landed on my butt! Screw you Jian!
All in all, earlier half of the year was so-so and started to turn into a nightmare later on.

Moving onto form 3...
Leong and Woon got promoted AGAIN to Cekal.
They were always fighting with each other at the back of the class.
I sat with Gian that time, Ho Dan and Lien Chen in front of us.

I was already pretty good friends with Wei, Gian and Cheong.
I still recalled hanging out with them at Hot Wok, talking about stuffs.
Then there was Cheong's birthday incident, which pissed off most of the guys.
And ever since then, we celebrated Thailand's new year, 泼水节 with Cheong quite often that year. I've gotta apologise to Cheong. We never should've done that to you. But what's done is done and it's part of the memory between all of us ya?

I've already been quite into online games that time.
And it turned out that my first relationship was ruined because of that.
I'd like to apologise to you...for whatever I've done to you. Am not sure if you care if I addressed you by your name, so I chose not to. =D

Then there was PMR, which strangely, I had no memory about it.

Then came, the sweetest part of my secondary school life. Form 4 and Form 5...
The year began off with some lectures about deciding whether to go for Science or Arts stream. (and I'm sorry but I had pretty much no memories with the arts students)
Ho Dan, Sheep, Gian, Wei and Woon almost didn't get into Beta, but alas they got in with the help of Puan Wong, the counselor.

In Beta, the boys sure get outta control at times.
We fight, we shout, we ponteng, we 'lihat sebelah' during exams.

During recess time, Gian, Ho Dan and me will be off to our respective STATIONS.
I'll be buying the 料s, Gian'll be buying the rice whereas Ho Dan'll be buying the drinks.
After eating, there'll always be ice-cream sessions. There were Apple Sour, Twister and 喷精... and the namelist for buying ice-cream had stayed on K for the 2 years! LOL!
Our gang could sit in the canteen all day, and have endless topics to talk about everyday!
Some of the few who are more 'obedient' will be heading back to class when the ball rang, but there were this 'Main Six' whom will never be on time returning to class. I'm not sure quite sure, but I think they were Woon, Wei, Pong, Gian, Ho Dan and me. (hope I'm not wrong)

In the morning, we'll always see the same scenes.
Pong lending reports from people to copy. We'll borrow from him later on XD
Gian will be sleeping. He'll be awake by recess. It's a bit unfair and of a miracle, that practically no teacher scolded him for sleeping, but not the others. Why is he the exception, eh?
Others? Maybe copying homeworks, or slacking off...chatting~
When teachers are not around, we'll be forming groups and begin gossiping...
Sometimes, the gossiping turns louder and louder and begin to become a disturbance to Alpha. XD
Usually Woon'll be the one talking the most and the others are just listening to his blabbering =P

Gian, Ho Dan, Pong and me formed kinda like a gang of ourselves.
We sat together in a corner of the class, and we'll be talking about games ALL DAY.
We were indulged in MoSiang that time ('cept for Ho Dan).
Sheep will always be sitting there. He appears to be listening to the teacher, but actually he isn't. He's practically just sitting there, doing nothing.
Woon will be running 'round the class, disturbing people.
Wei...well I couldn't recall what exactly he's doing the whole time. =P
Jian, Lien Chen and Cheong formed the more hardworking groups of the class.
The other Malay and Indian classmates were...well all minding their own business. We're cool with each other =) and I'm not racist!

Then there were also cases like Woon pretending to be crippled while going into Physics lab. Come to think of it, up 'til now I still don't get what is the purpose of doing so.
We sat in the class and didn't go for Biology class, and got caught by Mariani. And we were made to finish up our notes in the corridor. WE'RE THE FIRST ONES TO HAVE EVER SAT THERE DOING HOMEWORK, SO BE PROUD!
Mr. Chow locked the door of the lab, and we didn't give a damn and went back to class.
Woon scaring off Rokiah, and Rokiah threw a duster at Wei.
The 'ChaoHai' teacher who taught us Mathematics who was so happy when we passed up our homework for once in the whole year, together!

Then also cases of icebergs forming 'round Pong.
It was only with Sam back then from form 3.
Then began with Gian, then Ho Dan and me...then Sheep.
I really didn't mean it, really. I couldn't even recall what was it that made me feel so sick of him. And it's freakin' stupid to lose a friend over something that you couldn't even recall. Well, for me it is.

While having SPM, they all had lunch at my place.
It was an offer from my mum, and they found it hard to turn her down. @@" I guess?
Yes, even the period of having SPM, I was enjoying myself.
We even purposely went to Mentakab (was it?) by car on the last day to have Pizza.

I could really talk all day about our lives in the class.
I had fun along the 2 whole years. I felt like having TRUE friends.
We always did things together, be it CRAZY or be it MEANINGLESS.
It was the climax of my school life.

Then came the PLKN, followed by the crossroad of our lives where we diverged on different paths of our own.
To tell the truth, I never ever planned on any other paths other than taking form 6.
And I thought the others were thinking the same, (which is why I'm doing this summary now, and not back when form 5 ended because I thought it wasn't the end yet) which made me feel kinda sad when it turned out that I was wrong.
MOST of the friends were planning on taking courses in colleges.
Only a few of us were left in school to take form 6.

Everything was like started off brand new.
The subjects... The syllabus... The teachers... The class...
We started off from around 15 at the beginning, and the number began to deplete until there were only 7 of us.
Never had I imagined that I would be studying in a class with this few people.
There were teachers claiming that this will make studying more efficient, which I think is so damn NOT true! Man, the class is such a joke with so few people and how could we be in the mood to study? Well, but then we still made it and it turned out to be not as bad as I imagined.

I'd like to deliver my thanks to mainly Jian and Naresh, but also the others in my class.
You guys had made me survive through my form 6 life.
It could've been much worse if it weren't for you all, so you guys really have my thanks!
Though I may not seem so, I really appreciate the company that you guys had given me.

Jian and Naresh, you guys had really changed me. I could talk about shits all day long now, thanks to the one and a half year training you both gave me. But still, talking shits with you guys were cool, though the shits were always about DotA...and ADULT issues. =.=" I suppose we'd still be see'ing each other often so I won't say much, but you guys are great friends! You gave me support and taught me things as well, and as much as I doesn't seem like it and tells you both to get away from me, I like you both pretty much! <3
Sok Kuan, I wasn't really even a friend to you back when in form 5. But when I get to know you, you're pretty nice. You're violent at times, but still a nice person. You're the one who interact with us, the guys most all these times. Sorry you had to bear with all our nasty shit talks, but I'm glad you didn't find us annoying (I think?). You should really broaden your horizons, meet more people, make more friends. =)
Siew Jin, we've been through our WHOLE school life together. It's true, there'd be times when we were like complete strangers to each other, that we didn't even bother to greet when we passed by each other. I know that you're a nice person, but you should express your feelings a little more (in my opinion) because it's like we know too little about you. And you'll make people have a feeling that they're bothering you when you don't speak.
Saras and Sook Khoon, not much I can say to both of you. I interact the least with you gurls, but I just wanna thank you both from the bottom of my heart. You've made my form 6 life a sweeter memory to be recalled.

As for the people whom I met in the other classes, you guys are great as well! I could enjoy myself hearing to the chatters and laughters in Cekal, even if I had nothing to do with it. It made me feel so...human, and that's the way a class should be! It reminds me of things...that can keep me moving on. And I'd love to thanks you all for that! But it's a regret that we didn't get to know each other better, and as for the others who used to be in Sulaiman, that we've gotten a little distant compared to we used to be.

I also cherish the moments in choir and the friends I made in there like bboY, Max, Bunny and the young, little lower form girls.
We went out for competitions, and I'd also learned things throughout my journeys with them.
Teamworks... Leaderships... and how we should cherish each and every single moment we share with people...because things can really feel so GREAT this moment, but sucks big time the next.
I wish the club all the best! and the same goes for each and every single member of the club as well!

You've been something which I've always wanted to avoid, as much as I can.
But that I'm about to leave really made me feel kinda sad.
The things that had happened to me, while I'm with you...
The changes in me that you've witnessed all along... From a kid til now...
The friends I've made... yes, with your help... be it students or teachers...
My secondary school life...and the memories within it... It is shared between you and me.
I know that I've done almost nothing for the school, but at least...

At least...allow me to say for the first and the last time...
I love you, Sulaiman! dearest Sulaiman!

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