Friday, November 12, 2010

12th November 2010

I have no idea what is up with me, but I woke up at 10am sharp today.
Which is...kinda late. =( Geeez~

Well...everything's the same for today.
Eat —> Play —> Eat —> Play... and it goes on and on~

I've finally finished ALL the videos of RWJ.
A sudden idea of commenting on his video flashed through my mind, but oh was just for a short fragment of seconds. =)

I'm now on a quest of finish all the facts on OMG Facts.
I'm kinda close, there's around 200+ pages there and I'm currently at 135th page.
There really are lotsa awesome stuffs in there, like the inverted Google and Google gravity pages.

My brother came back today, which he always does every Friday. (FYI, he's working in KL)
Well, that means I can no longer do whatever I be exact, I can't PPS that often now that he's around since he'll be sharing the line with me and he plays online games...
Oh and I didn't watch the 3rd episode of LOTR today.
It's not that I forgot about it, just...didn't feel like it.
You know, I'm a person that practically follows my feelings while doing things~

There's this note that I've been tagged in Facebook by one of my classmates, Siew Jin.
Well, it's mainly about how complicated her feelings are right now.
She's busy preparing for her exams, yet she couldn't suppress her feelings about these one and a half years of form-six-life.
I wasn't sure that I was one of those being thanked in the post until I was tagged.
Seriously, well for me, I felt that we were merely ordinary friends, though we've known each other for a surprisingly long time...13 years!
Well, she'd done a lot of things for me too ya? So if you ever sees this Siew Jin, I'd like to thank you too, for everything you've done and taught me.

Apparently tomorrow's MUET for the other 3 papers.
So let's wish all those who are taking the test luck ya! All the best~
Hope there'll be someone among my friends getting band 6~
That way at least, I will feel proud!
I can go around and tell people like 'hey you know what? that guy's my friend!'

Seriously, there's nothing much to talk about today.
But there's this moment when I came across a song while browsing through the links shared by my friends on facebook, that I felt moisture in my eyes all of a sudden without really anything in my mind.
So I guess something's up inside of me and even I, myself is not aware of it, even now.
Maybe I've really been keeping things from myself for too long, be it studies or relationship problems.

Notty, get a move on!

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