Wednesday, December 1, 2010

YAY! Chemistry Paper 2!

First of all, I'd like to apologise to my dearest mama, Chong Jie Hui.
You told me not to let you see me on blogger, but oh well~

The paper of da day is~ Chemistry paper 2!

Before going for the exam,
I mean the night before, and today morning...
I've been trying to cram all those organic chemistry thingies inside my head.

When I got the question paper and flipped through it,
well I felt kinda relieved, but really...kinda.
Relieved, because not much of the questions were on organic chemistry. YEAHHH~
BUT....! LOTS of them are from inorganic chemistry.

Speaking of which, I'm amazed by myself. REALLY.
Our form 6 chemistry syllabus consists of 3 parts.
Physical, organic and inorganic.
And to my surprise (and I only found out today),
I don't even have a single book for inorganic! LOL!!!
Can you believe that ?!!

The paper really made me felt like...
I've never learnt anything about chemistry in this past one and a half year. =/
I can merely work out the answers, a little theory and a lot of chui sui. =P

At first I thought I'd be having more than enough time since I predicted I wouldn't have much to write with only this much that I've studied, but it turned out that I was wrong.
I wrote from the first minute 'til the last, and there are still blank spaces on my paper.
Well most of the stuffs were merely made up, but I'm amazed by how far I went merely by my own 'logical' imagination.

When the paper's done...

Naresh : I think I can really fail this time. (He used to tell me that no matter how hard the paper is, it's still unlikely to fail, which I USED TO kinda agree with)
Jian : I only did 3 essay questions. (We're supposed to choose and do 4 out of the 6 questions given)
Sok Kuan : Don't say anymore...! I wanna cry jor... (.....)

We met Puan Wong when we came out from the exam hall.
She asked about how we did, and told us it shouldn't be a problem after giving the question paper a quick glance.
Well personally I wouldn't really say her appearance as comforting, as she kept saying
'Okay arh.. should be able to do'
while we were still thinking
'Die lorh.. so hard dunno do'
while handing up the answer sheets.

And I noticed a difference in the responses when we left the exam hall between today and yesterday.
Yesterday after the Biology paper, people came out of the exam hall and start going
'Cham lorh.. dunno do..'
Today after the Chemistry paper, people came out of the exam hall and...

Notty's Theory of Post-Exam-Responses :
Dunno do = Know
Silence = Don't know

Seriously, I really couldn't bring myself to grieve upon how badly I did in the paper.
Probably because I didn't really pay as much efforts to them as the others.
But I'm glad, because I really don't hope that there'll come a day when I'm crying over my results because they sucked =S

There's still another paper up tomorrow, Biology paper 1.
Let's hope that everyone's in a not-too-bad mood tomorrow and are able to do well.
Best of luck, everyone!