Friday, August 14, 2009

First Listening Test in My Life!

Today, I had my first Listening test (MUET) in my life!

Bah.. It wasn't really THAT exciting~

When I went into the language lab, I was kinda nervous..

(Will it be VERY hard? Let's hope it won't..)

And then after we're given the question papers for a minute of reading, START!

I was really relieved, because it didn't come out as the worst that I've expected!

Rather than that, it was kinda easy and I managed to finish much of the questions in Part 1~

I even took the time to fool around with Naresh at the other corner of the language lab~

It seems that he too, had no problem with it~

And then, there goes the Part 2~

This time, it wasn't as easy as the first part..

But still, I was able to get the answers at the second swap~

But when we entered the hind part of Part 2, I felt like dropping into the hell from heaven!

Oh my gosh! I can't even get a single answer out of the 3 passages read for the 6 questions!

And just when I'm trying to recall what I've listened just now..

Teacher: "Alright, one minute's up! I will play the recording for the second time."


I didn't even have the time to get frustrated with the short one minute!

I quickly bent down and tried my best to listen for the answers.

Unfortunately, I still got none of it~ ( Awww... =( )

Alas, I simply wrote down some answers for the questions that make me feel pissed just reading them and handed up the answer sheet.

I was kinda 'down' when I went out of the language lab...

Then, my friends all crowded up and started going like:

Naresh: "Sick mou? Sick mou? Ngor sick sai ark~ Wakaka!"
Jian: "Nei zhong xiu dek choot? Question 5 tong 6 nei dup chore jor ark~ Hahah!"
Naresh: "Bin dou yao? Diu nei meh..."
Jian: "Question 5 tong 6 hai 3 words jer hou mou~"
Naresh: "Hai meh? Diu lor.. Chore 7 jor.. Wakakak!"

It is then only did I realise, it was only me who took this test too seriously.. = ="

This is just an ordinary monthly test, dear~

Stupid me! Ha!