Thursday, November 11, 2010

11th November 2010

I woke up around 10 today, to my surprise.
Usually I'd be up before 10 at most, no matter how late I went to bed.
And it's obvious, I decided to skip school for today, that's why my mum didn't wake me.
Partly because of the boring school day yesterday, and partly because none of my classmates were going.

I facebooked a little, while having my breakfast.
Checking through my friends' posts, I noticed that the results for UPSR were coming out today.
I went downstairs to tell my mum about it, so she could go calling her friends and relatives about their children's results. (like she always do)

And today, to my surprise yet again, I decided to start tweeting. =)
Well, it's really a good place to spam.
It's a place where you can tell the world what you're doing, even if your posts may not mean anything to anyone.
You just feel good telling it...well, to someone I guess?
I noticed that there were a lot of friends whom I've never expected to see on Twitter, that are actually tweeting kinda actively.

After trying out the features on Twitter, I decided to watch a movie.
"Lord of The Rings II — The Two Towers"
It's a good movie, about triumph and failure and all, I suppose? XD
The movie's a little too long, over 3 hour and half!
I even had to stop in the middle of it to grab my lunch.
The movie ended with a mutated Hobbits called Smeagol casting his evil thoughts of killing Frodo, the ring bearer.
So, I guess the third episode will be on my 'Movie of The Day' list tomorrow. =P

Nothing much happened today.
All I did was sitting in front of my computer, and strolling around the house.
Had some small talks with my mother and sister, played with my dog.

Dinner today sucked. =(
I went out with my parents, to a stall which we rarely went to.
It's not a new stall, or rather it's rather kinda old.
It's just that its appearance had kept us from it all the time.
And today, we've decided to give it a try, which we regretted.

Today's just another same boring day.
Me, spending off my time~ Doing nothing~
I should really be getting my lazy ass moving and start studying now.
Wouldn't want to waste 2 years of my life for nothing by getting sucky results in STPM.

Oh ya and I found myself this cool website called OMG Facts!
It's a cool site with lotsa fun and interesting facts in it to discover, so be sure to check it out ya?

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