Wednesday, November 10, 2010

10th November 2010

Today, I woke up at around 6 something in the morning~
Well, rather than wake up, 'my mother woke me up' would be a lot more precise. XD
I then had my every-morning-routines :
Bath —> Dress Up —> Facebook for a little while —> A nice cup of tea —> Off to school!

I parked my car and walked to my classroom.
The same faces, as usual...just that Sok Kuan was absent today.
(Heard that she's sick, let's hope she gets well soon!)

The only actual class that we've had today was PA2.
The rest of the classes? Well...
Chemistry periods passed kinda unexpectedly easily with 4 structure question exercises.
Mathematics periods...well I pretty much slept through it.
MUET teacher didn't came in...not exactly a surprise.

Then there is this Majlis that was meant for us, the sixth-formers.
This should be the first ceremony ever held specially for us.
Heard that it was because some schools in the other states did, so our school most probably just followed, not wanting to lose.
At least that's what I think? LOL!
The admins delivered their speeches (God, they sure took their time!) and we can finally start eating.
The crowd at the dishes made my friends and I decide to wait.
Just when we went over to the dishes to take ours, guess what? Nothing left!
Actually the dishes should be enough for all of us, just that some inconsiderate people took extra, I guess.
Well, since there's nothing left to eat, I headed out for TomYam with Jian and Dan.

It was practically an ordinary lunch with friends, nothing much.
We had some talks about random stuffs, which I couldn't recall anymore.
Well, there's this one incident that Dan shared with us that I can recall.
But too bad it's a secret of his, so I cannot share it here =P

After the lunch, I went to photocopy some notes I've got from my friends.
And I'm supposed to read them up for my coming STPM.
But guess what? I'm not exactly in the mood to study...just yet.

After that I headed over to Sok Kuan's house to return her notes, and also to check on how she's doing.
Too bad, she was having her nap when I arrived at her house, and I didn't get to return her the notes.

I headed home. Had another cup of tea and a slice of cake.
Facebook time...again! Checked on my Barn Buddy and stuffs.
Then I took a nap, from around 5 something to 8 something.

I wouln't have waken up if it's not for my sister's yelling about something going wrong with her recently-permed-hair.
I went to check on her with my half-closed eyes, only to notice her crying about it.
I was still too sleepy to react to anything, and went to bath and had my dinner.

Then I went back to face my computer.
Watched "Home Alone 2", facebooked a little.
Suddenly a strong feeling came to me that I decided to blog (that's what I'm doing now).
I couldn't tell for sure, just felt like it that's all.
Since this is my blog, I can treat it however I want yea?
Even to treat it as my diary.

Well, today, for me, is just another plain old day.
The same daily routines...with no surprise and all.
Seriously, STPM is really just around the corner, but I can't seem to feel any pressure coming from it.
The first paper is on 23rd of November and it's like less than 2 weeks from now!
But...oh well, just lemme slack a little while longer okay? :S

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